Russian diplomat advises US legislators to realize that no one will obey their ‘orders’

US lawmakers need to comprehend that no one is going to obey their
"orders" under pressure, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov
said on Monday answering a question from a TASS correspondent.

date of the meeting for the joint commission between Iran and the P5+1
has not been agreed yet," he said. "I believe everyone in the P5+1 group
is closely following the progress of the bill's (on new sanctions
against Iran - TASS) discussion."

"What is important is that there
seems to be no understanding yet among US legislators regarding a very
simple thing, just like in the situation with Russia’s diplomatic
properties, that no one does anything under pressure," Ryabkov went on
to say. "No one is going to comply with orders under pressure, under
constraint, even if they come from Capitol Hill in Washington."

According to Ryabkov, this concerns Iran, Russia and any other country.

the trend towards an increasingly wide application of US national
legislation beyond its borders, their methods and tools to intimidate
entrepreneurs and companies around the world, when the US does not want
these companies to cooperate legitimately with someone else, this kind
of method is being spread more and more widely," he said. "However, by
doing so, the Americans are primarily harming themselves."